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The Ultimate Poll Deathmatch!

by Andrew - November 12, 2003

Over this past summer we were running a poll, a poll that was supposed to be monthly. Due to bad planning the July poll has only recently ended. But before we get to the winner let us review the candidates. My question to you was "WHICH IS IT?????", which I think has been my most eloquent writing to date.

*referring to total failure

Bob Hoskins
Bob Hoskins is probably most known for his role in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and not for portraying everyone's favorite fat italian plumber in the 1993 box office smash hit* "Super Mario Bros.". The movie lost over 20 million dollars and was reportedly last seen by anyone in late 1996. It now sits in Mom and Pop video stores, collecting nothing but dust.

I saw the movie in the theaters, and then once on TV. With the little amount it has to do with the Super Mario Bros. universe it's a wonder I didn't start crying right then and there in the theater.

I'll say this for the guy though, if you squint at the picture, Hoskins does resemble Little Mario.

Lou Albano
You've gotta give this guy credit. He was making the move from wrestling to acting far earlier than The Rock.

I watched the Super Mario Bros. Super Show everyday before I went to school, and Friday's were super cool since that's when they would show The Adventures of Link.

I've gotta find some epsodes of this, and when I do you know I'm gonna write somehting about them.

Anyways, enough chit-chat. The winner you chose for the second NinjaCulture poll was (bum-da-bum-bummmmm): (scroll-down)



























IG-88 sez: KEEP GOING!


























Look how overjoyed he is. IT IS BECAUSE HE WON THE NINJACULTURE POLL AND NOTHING ELSE! The results were 64.62% of the vote for Lou and 35.38% for Bob. Make sure to vote in November's poll:


Mario van Peebles vs. A Toaster!!

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