Do you want to be linked here? Of course, we all do. The thing is, I'm not psychic and you'll never be linked just because you want to be. Let's face it, you've never talked to me and I've never talked to you. This relationship is going nowhere and it's about high time that YOU did something about it. So, maybe if you email me or send voodoo messages directly into my brain, there's a chance that we could iron out a deal (deal = we link to you, you link to us). However, I should point out that it's getting harder and harder everyday to swap with us. I don't like having a long list of sites off to the right when I don't even read them. So, I'll only be linking sites that are totally tubular and radically rad.

A word about the affiliates: Our affiliate program is for our friends' sites. That's about it really. Nathan and I both know all those sites' webmasters personally and hang out with them on a regular basis. If you think you should be there, I dunno, maybe I'm an idiot and forgot that you are my friend, yell at me, but otherwise it's link button city.

TWIN GALAXIES - These guys are insane. They keep track of high scores for video games, all video games and they've been doing it since 1981! Kinda like a Guiness Book of World Records for video games. You think you're hot at Tetris? Click over to Twin Galaxies to find out if you really are!

POP ROCKS AND COKE - Enter a world of danger, excitement and mystery over at Pop Rocks and Coke. Mike is cool and you will be too if you click his link! He's got articles on Michael Jackson, Ghost Busters, and more! It'll be sure to take you backwards in time! Click!

HUFFIN' AND PUFFIN' - These guys rock your socks, there's just no denying it. Follow the misadventures of Smokey, Captain Jack, and the whole team for one complete sock rocking package. ORDER NOW!

SOMETHING LIKE TRIPE - You may recognize this dynamic duo from a website called The Marked Fool. Aaron and Brandon, tired of pictures, now write a million words per post to keep the evil forces of the Empire from building another Death Star. How does that make any sense? CLICK TO KNOW!

HUGE INTERNET SUPERSTARS - Formerly, read articles on Wrestling, the 50 gayest things ever and even some crappy movies. Is it any wonder why we love them? Also titties, lots and lots of titties.

CONRAD AND JOEL'S ONLINE - Do you have an undying passion for dingys, cars with names, and/or Ron Popeil? If so, this is the website for you. It has all of the above, AND MORE! So why not stop by?

SERIALCITIES - The bastard son of Conrad and Joel's Online, Serialcities has more than you bargained for. Programmin' Gangsta Rappas, Beer Adventures and PONG! Waste your time here!

MAGIC STORY TIME - Discover what wacky adventures Jabba the Hutt embarks on when not sitting and laughing maniacally. Embark on a mystical journey through space, time and low rent apartment life with the Dark One. And find out what Misquitoes, Ninjas and Barbeques have in common. ALL AT NATHAN'S MAGIC STORY TIME!

X-ENETERTAINMENT.COM - Star Wars. Transformers. Green Bamboo. Wierd Pokemon Obsessions. If you've said "KICK ASS" after reading each of the above words, this site is for you. Hours of fun!

SEANBABY.COM - Seanbaby has rocked over 26 million faces and mine is no exception. His quick wit and ability to satirize any damn thing has made this sex machine into an internet star. Visit his site for more sexy exploits!

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