Our team of madd scientists have developed the perfect blend of pop culture downloads to fill your otherwise meaningless life. So sit back, download, and love yourself again. Well, maybe don't love yourself. Why the hell would this turning you on? Don't answer that. Really. Don't.

Also, we have a nifty SHOUTcast stream up. To listen, just click on the Raph Pez Dispenser above. If you'r opposed to Pez or Raph for some reason you can just click right here. Although if this is the case, be advised that I will now not save you from the deadly breakdancing invasion of 1983.
We are currently working on getting more way awesome stuff in here. Just hang tight.
I'm not one to whore out my site. Actually I am, but never for money. However, I just so happened to get one of them paypal accounts, and if you ever want to send some money my way I'll gladly take it. All money I get will be put back into the site some way. Hopefully, someday, we'll get a faster server for all these cool downloads. Just click that paypal button!
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