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I reckon it 'twas about thirty-ought-six by the time these fine lads sold their first recordomaphonic sound disc. "Sky's the limit!", they'd say, "Sky's the limit!". When you took the jet-mobile from Lindsbury station to WindCastle-on-the-moor, you were to be a flodgering semian were you not listening to the Dying Henry's auditory bliss! I should say so!

1. Family Matters Theme
2. Tale Spin Theme
3. Fresh Prince Theme
4. Duck Tales Failure
5. The Hulk Suite
6. Transformers Freestyle
7. Duck Hunt: With a Vengeance

*The webmasters of this site would like to remind you that the word "PENIS" is mentioned quite exuberently in these songs and does not reflect the personal feelings of said webmasters.

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