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Lou could very possibly be evil you know.

by Andrew - May 28, 2002

Andrew: Oh no! Mario's brain is in the Princess' body! What ever shall I do? Choose your own adventure books rock! Wait! Who's there?

Andrew: Oh! It's only Diamond Lou. And it looks like he has something very important to say/give me.

Andrew: Wow! A present! For me? Thanks alot Diamond Lou! Hey.. wait a minute. The last time you gave me a present you ended up stealing all of my money in a strange twist of coincedences and old Golden Girls episodes.

Andrew: Well if you say it's okay. I mean, it's not like you're going to force me to watch 40 reruns of The Golden Girls again. Not that it was a bad thing mind you.

Andrew: Hmm... I wonder what it could be. Transformers Season 1 DVD's perhaps? Or maybe it's some more of those cool mugs that you put in the freezer and they freeze so when you take them out and put your favorite beverage in them, it stays colder, longer. I don't know what they're called so I'll call them Frugs. A witty word combination of freezer and mugs. Nah, it's probably just some of your drugs you forgot to do...

Andrew: No! It can't be! It just... It just can't! Why have you brought this evil into my house? WHY?

Andrew: A Green Bamboo Peanut! Known throughout the galaxy as a hive of scum and villany!... or some such. It's mysterious power is second only to it's rediculous amounts of evil contained within! I will surely perish!

Lou has taken off!

Andrew: Lou! I'll get you for this! I know where you live! Don't think you can escape the awesome power of me!... rrright after I finish my Nintendo-based choose your own adventure book.

Lou: Time to head for Mexico!


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