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by Andrew - August 13, 2002

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that still checked the site daily for updates while I was and still am waiting for the Botcon pics. Good work. We're ever so close to 10,000 hits.

Commercials from the 80s are rediculously great. They use words like "rad" and "tubular" and it's things of that ilk that somehow, in that wierd sort of way, that makes nearly everyone ask, "What the hell were advertising agencies thinking back then?". Usually starring the most freaky kids ever, these commercials successfully vyed for our parents money day in and day out. Parents of every walk of life would change the channel as soon as a commercial came on. Let's face it, it's easier to deal with a crying kid (candy) because you tuned away from the Transformers than to work overtime just because you went out and actually bought the entire Autobot fleet for your little brat (plus, he'd probably take everything out of the box, that little bastard).

Today we're going to take a look at the very first Legend of Zelda commercial. Now, as big as the NES was in our household, for some reason, somehow, the only Legend of Zelda I've ever been privy to besides this commercial was the cartoon shown every Friday on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

The commercial stars to guys just in love with thier Nintendo. INTERESTING FACT: When I was in the second grade there was a huge debate as to whether or not Nintendo was pronounced "Nintendo" or "Intendo" with a silent N. Of course, kids are stupid. Plus it gave us an idea for a really crappy super-hero that just intends to do good, INTENDO! Kid #1 is your stereo-typical nerd with glasses thicker than his wrist. His job is to inform Kid #2 about this hot new game, The Legend of Zelda. Kid #2 beat the crap out of Kid #1 after the commercial shoot for being such a dork.

After receiving the information that the Legend of Zelda is indeed the game to have, Kid #2 busts out into a rap that only a kid from the 80s could provide, ryhming and rapping his way into our hearts and minds for 15 minutes. "It's the legend of Zelda and it's really rad!". Well, shit! I guess I missed out. Maybe that's why all the kids kicked me in 3rd grade. They knew I wasn't *gasp* really rad!

The ending of the commercial is the best. The announcer delivers two blows. One: Your parents MUST help you hook up your NES. No ifs, ands, or buts about it because as we all know, little kids have a tendancy to 'hook things up' to there noses and digestive tracts. Two: If you were thinking that you were going to get the Legend of Zelda with your new NES, think again. It's sold seperately.


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