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Fun with a playset and a webcam.

by Nathan - March 5, 2002

The bustling city of Tokyo is at the dawn of another day. Newly rebuilt, her skyscrapers are shining, her parking is ample, and her citizens are happy.

Of course, that peace is about to be broken...

Deeply perturbed by the number of entirely un-destroyed buildings around, Godzilla emerges from the sea to wreak havoc!

And wreak he does!

Not far away, Han Solo (The Mug) is fulfilling his duties as Nathan's official beverage container. But, he senses that Tokyo is in danger!

"I sense that Tokyo is in Danger! I must assemble the Tokyo Defense Squad!"

"Wait! Come back!" cries Nathan, as Han Solo (The Mug) takes his leave. Nathan does not understand that there is no time for quietly sipping! Now is the time for action!!

Meanwhile, Godzilla continues his rampage. Suddenly, there is a shout from the other side of the city! "Menace from the depths!" the voice says. "You now face..."

"THE TOKYO DEFENSE SQUAD!" (pictured: The Hitokiri Battousai, Little Mechwarrior, Han Solo (The Mug), and Karate Fightin' Hamster)

Godzilla, however, unflinchingly calls friends of his own - Baragon, King Ghidorah, and Larval Mothra!





The fight rages on, but a bottle of Vodka inexplicably interrupts the action!

My drunken roommate has passed out all over my Godzilla Crumble Zone playset, and ruined everything! So once again you have alcohol to thank for destroying a perfectly good battle for supremacy over Tokyo.

Story's over, folks. THE END.

-e-mail: monster-0@alucentral.ca

You might be thinking that this was all an elaborate way to appease visitors from Twisted Kaiju Theater. And you might be right. But you aren't, mostly.

Magic Story Time! Because self-links are obligatory.

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