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Due to this, we have decided to write a disclaimer, but that would take me out of the running for the Laziest Person to Moonwalk 1987 World Championships. It is for this reason that I have just simply copied and pasted the old disclaimer from our previous site, Crappah Moovah Fridah. Enjoy.

NinjaCulture and its webmasters, members, protestors, gnomes, action figures, and deadly mercenaries for hire do not claim responsibility for any damages caused by any of the different sections of the site or claims maid by the parties mentioned above, unless it is very funny or it is specified that said parties claim responsibility. Frank Zagarino and Lou Diamond Phillips have not been notified of our using their likenesses but if they don't like it they can always take it up with any of the parties affiliated with NinjaCulture. Any images that are not properties of NinjaCulture or the parties affiliated with it are trademarks of their respective owners. Any similarities of this site or the stories and or miscellaneous creative ramblings contained within to anything along the same lines, written or typed, in foreign languages or english, or persons living, dead, somewhere in between, or hiding under rocks for fear of "The Man" coming down and putting away for good, man, is purely coincidental, unless stated otherwise. Normally this disclaimer would have the phrase "All rights reserved" in it but I have no idea what that means and I don't want us getting into a heap of trouble for using it in an incorrect manner. If you have a bone to pick, as it were, with Garth Brooks, Daniel Booy, Sharon Stone, or Michael Dudikoff you should seriously take it up with them. We really don't have anything to do with them and you're at the wrong site if you want to talk to them or yell at them or whatever you want, because they're not here, and reading this disclaimer won't help you at all. The movies, contents of the movies, titles of the movies, etc. are trademarks/copyrights of their respective owners and NinjaCulture in no way claims ownership (nor would we wish to! sheesh) of them. We like to make fun of them and talk about them alot but this doesn't mean that we're trying to rip anyone off. So if you're a big company that doesn't like people like us making light of their products you shouldn't sue us because chances are we don't have any money anyway and if nothing else we are doing you guys a favor by renting movies that other people wouldn't. This is especially true for Lion's Gate Films movies. Any and all mail or e-mail we receive then becomes property of NinjaCulture. I think that about covers anything but if there's anything I missed just pretend like I didn't and we'll both save ourselves some trouble, hm? Yes.

I have read but do not fully understand this disclaimer. It has made me confused and angry and I want to go back to the MAIN PAGE.

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