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A Retrospective

by Nathan - April 17, 2003


Well hell, here we are at over one year old. Much like what Andrew seems to have said, this site's become something that I hadn't really imagined it to be. But that's not a bad thing at all. I don't know what he was saying about my presence adding 'credibility', because I actually have no idea what 'credibility' even means. Is that those small, hard grey things that children throw at me when I walk down the street? What? Those are rocks? Ohhh.

Anyway, when I saw that he had written a big Year One thing I got filled with a jealous rage and wanted to add my own little perspective. Andrew mentioned TooSquare magazine wanting to publish my Berzerk article, which was entirely true, though never really mentioned in any official form. Believe me, I was absolutely floored that anyone would want to print my stuff (without my begging them to do so) and I said yes. We exchanged an email or two and he even sent me a picture of what the printed version would look like. In return, I was to get a free copy or two of the magazine. Unfortunately, they suddenly decided to drop the print side of the magazine and go completely web based - without informing me. I sat and waited patiently for a response and one never came, so I just assumed that when they made the shift I just dropped off the map. But I do still have that draft jpeg for posterity, and I will never let go of that.

As for NC itself - it is a load of fun. If you don't have a site like this you should get one. Andrew's designs make all my idiotic nattering look respectable, and I definitely get a kick out of reading his contributions to the site as well, as I hope he does mine. We rarely collaborate on an article (on account of the fact that at least one of us is a horrible, lazy person named Nathan) and we don't usually have prior knowledge of what the other person is writing, so I for one check this site on a regular basis, even though I work for it. That's a cool system.

But don't think that everything is all sunshine and roses, brother. I've gotten my share of hatemail as well. Well, okay, one hate mail. But it was a good one:

Subject: Bull Shit
Date: Thursday, February 27, 2003 1:53 PM
Your web page about Nelly is Bull Shit. Are you saying those are the only people who get hot and want to take their clothes off? Spend your time doing something better with yourself.

I wrote a rather nice reply about how I didn't recall saying that only certain people get hot and remove their clothing, and in fact I was fairly certain that as I wrote the reply there were lots of people who were taking their clothes off for all sorts of reasons that didn't have anything at all to do with temperature. It is unfortunate that my well-crafed response fell on deaf ears, because the e-mail he used to contact me was nonexistant. So if you're reading this, CASSBAL@aol.com, please contact me again! I think we have much to discuss!

Well, I think I've gone on long enough without adding lots of neat pictures, so I'll just close by saying that Year One was good and Year Two will be as good as or even better. Many thanks to all the Big Famous people who linked us, and Even Many-er thanks to all you readers out there. Rock and Roll!!

E-Mail: monster-0@alucentral.ca

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