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A Retrospective

by Andrew - April 15, 2003

In the one year this site has been online, NinjaCulture has gone through a lot and grown to something much more than I ever imagined. I've never really had a site that's lasted this long. Crappah Moovah Fridah would probably come close, although it's been through so many incantations of what it originally was, being a part of some of my other, less successful sites, and even standing on it's own for awhile, but never for a year. That's almost sad.

NinjaCulture started as a project for me as I had far too much time on my hands. I asked my cohort in crime, Nathan, to write here as well. And since he actually wants to be a writer of some sort, I thought it would give the site a bit more credibility than my obvious AOL-level rants and raves about The Transformers and bad movies.

The site had a delayed launch due to the fact that my internet service provider caught onto my non-payment for the internet service they provide. The site was supposed to launch on February 15th, 2002, but only went live on March 26th. It's almost fitting, in a bizarre, masochistic kind of way, that the site was down for its one year birthday, but we'll try not to make a habit of it.

We got a good 53 articles out in our first year. That averages to about one a week, which isn't bad. Although, there were months at a time where it seemed that Nathan and I had suffered some mysterious moon virus that kept us from being able to type, while other times we were cranking out 3 articles a week, possibly while overdosing on caffinated beverages and pixie stix (which tends to explain a few certian articles that wish to remain anonymous).

It's probably the fact that it's spring is the reason behind my new found optimism with the site. Winter in Canada can get depressing. It's cold and everyone is miserable. We Canucks are supposed to tough, hearty folk that will go swimming in solid ice, but really that's all lies. I mean, we'd have to be some sort of people that aren't affected by the state of matter for that to work, and that's just crazy. Winter sure doesn't do wonders for your creativity, but I digress, it's not nearly the best excuse for the long gaps between articles.

Along the way I've met some crazy people that have helped the site out a lot, either by linking us, or by some other form of ritualistic voodoo. Cracker and Jap, Aaron and Brandon, Mike, the other Mike, Langel, Smokey, Greg, Jason and Panzer, Dumbbaby, and Shin-Goji to name a few. Thanks! If I missed you and you think that you really helped out with the site I'll buy you dinner at any resturant called McDonalds*.

Oh, and lest we not forget the Tampa area magazine that wanted to publish Berserk Made Me A Souless Killer, but then changed their format. Uhh, thanks. It was really cool while we were under the assumption that something from here was actually going to be printed on paper.

But the biggest thanks of all should go out to our readers. THANKS! You're the ones that have encouraged me, and you're right in doing so, to keep going with the site. We got about 40,000 hits last year. It's a rough number since every one of our stat-counters are off, but I think it's a good number. Sure, some websites can do that and more in a day, but I'm just happy anybody reads my wierd musings on pop-culture at all. It's you that makes the site, without you it would cease to exist.

I also love hearing from you, no matter what it's about. Who wouldn't? I just got a new e-mail address right here with our new domain, andrew@ninjacultr.com. Feel free to e-mail me about pretty much anything, unless you're a spam-bot, then I'll kindly have to ask you to get the hell away.

The future of NinjaCulture? We'll just keep on doing what we're doing, hopefully more often. I really do love writing for this site and will continue as long as I can.

*offer not valid anywhere, ever.



AIM: Terrahawk X
E-Mail: andrew@ninjacultr.com


Would you like to write an article for NinjaCulture? If so, send your submission(s) to andrew@ninjacultr.com and Nathan and I will take a look at it. Your article might just get posted!

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